"Tenor Patrick Massey, on the other hand, conveyed all ebullient earnestness and fervor in his love for machines and his ardent defense of technological efficiency... Massey’s [eyes] gleamed consistently bright, present and full of emotion. These characteristics extended to the players’ vocal sound as well... Happily, he projected well in a chamber opera staged in a small venue, and the audience could concentrate on his superlative diction, warm delivery, and winning stage presence."

- Boston Intellegencer


"I see some of these thespians doing well, especially Patrick Massey as the foppish gay Leanard, Geoff Belliston as the friar and king and the the quite talented Olivia Polci. All three of these performers had powerhouse voices that made you listen and performing skills that made you want to watch them."  

- Time Square Chronicles


"I was particularly taken with a manic number called “Malvolio’s Soliloquy,” splendidly performed by Mr. Massey"

- Upstage Downstage


"Lastly, Hofstad and Massey are just amazing. The scene in which Hofstod breaks down during his drunken stupor is simply amazing, along with his acting abilities as shown in every other scene. The same must be said for Massey. Like his brother, he must transition and admit to something that neither of his parents wants to hear, and to make this transition work is truly the sign of a great actor." 



"The boys relationship is beautiful to watch as they relish in sibling lovingness and playful rough-housing terror with one another. Both actors offer a talent and shine not to be missed. The interaction amongst the cast allows for a slow release of damning secrets and sheds a light onto the passions, stains and un-mended sorrows, that are ultimately felt and sympathized with, rather than merely witnessed."

- Arts and Leisure News


"The strongest scene in the play was between brothers Larry and Bobby, played by Justin Hofstad and Patrick Massey respectively. Their organic chemistry made this sentimental scene of bonding, singing, and reminiscing the most exciting to watch against a setting where most other scenes featured explosives. Patrick Massey, who happens to have a beautiful singing voice, as kind hearted and pushed aside Bobby brought light into the world of the play."

- Theater in the Now


"…Christian, played with sophistication and flamboyancy by Patrick Massey...Ezzy, Massey, and Reagan’s best scene is in the movie theatre. It’s dynamic, purposeful, and therefore, hilarious. Something about the collision of their distinct personalities in a tight, mostly silent atmosphere just worked for me. Massey is adorable and interesting as a figment of Reagan’s imagination. I think Tobin hit it just right with Massey’s stage-time and overall purpose. Though I felt he never clicked in the arc with d’Angelo and Elliott, an equally dynamic storyline, Massey developed his character so beautifully that I forgot about the other storylines when he was onstage…. Massey’s character is the only one who kept me wondering and questioning and guessing. While his character was important, I think Massey’s charming stage presence carried the role far more than the writing originally intended… I look forward to future drafts because of how strong Massey and Elliot’s characters were, and the strong premise in the show."

- Arts Impulse


"Charlie Dalrymple, has a voice that stops the audience dead with its range and its clarity, it may be no surprise that actor Patrick Massey is a trained opera singer with a bel canto delivery that needs no microphone."